A Huge Thank You, to You!

2020 was a very difficult year, but you can’t ever stray from your beliefs. At Willow Rock we’re committed to being meaningful members of our community and support people and causes we believe in.
We’ve financially supported museums, runners, sports teams, community advocates, charities, disease research, and more in 2020.
Through our partnerships with various groups and individuals we donated over $12,000. As a small business, we couldn’t have done this without you. Your fervent support of our beers helps us extend the reach of your generosity.
Thank you for all you’ve done to support Willow Rock during these difficult times. We look forward to a 2021 that brings us a sense of togetherness and normalcy; we can’t wait to raise a pint with you to all the good we can do.

Willow Rock Brewing Company to re-introduce Congress Beer

Willow Rock Brewing Company has partnered with the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) to re-introduce Congress beer. Congress was one of the most popular local beers in Syracuse history. Congress was initially brewed by Haeberle Brewery from 1857-1962. WR is working recipes now with hopes to release the beer this summer, updated for today’s palate. We’ll keep you posted; until then, learn more about Congress and CNY’s history by visiting the OHA at their museum at 321 Montgomery St. Syracuse or online at cnyhistory.org.

Update: Congress is back in session: Come to the First Congress Launch Party

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