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flagship beers

Lager, Ales, Hazies, and Sours; we’ve got them all, all the time! Pride in every pint, an experience in every sip.

year round beers

Pulling on years of brewing expertise, using the finest hops and barley, with a dash of chemistry thrown in there, Willow Rock pursues a vision for each year-round beer we make. Pull up a chair, order a flagship beer, and you’ll see why these are beers we’re happy to hang our hats on.


These beers are waiting for you!

These are the beers where “favorites” are found. That person at the end of the bar, ordering the same beer a few times over, yeah, that could be you. It might become you even if you never thought you’d be “that person.” It’s ok, these are the beers that make you go “I’ll have another!”

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