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Enjoy our taproom with something for everyone at 115 Game Rd, Syracuse, NY 13210.

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 4-8pm

Tuesday: 4-8pm

Wednesday: 11:30a-10pm

Thursday: 11:30a-10pm

Friday: 11:30a-10pm

Saturday: 12-10pm

Sunday: 12-7pm

brewing, done right

We craft every beer and hard seltzer we make with great intention. We put just as much research, time, and effort into that crisp, beautiful pale lager as we do our newest hazy IPA. We offer them without pretense and for the enjoyment of all. Whether you want a fresh IPA or a well-aged stout, we’ve got you covered.

taproom, done right

Our Beer Hall is over 2000sf of well-lit, beer-swilling fun. You can enjoy the game on TV, your friends, your family; even your dog. When you’re here, the hardest decision is which beer to try first. Combine all that with our huge outdoor patio and you’ve got a local brewery like no other. Inside, outside, all around, enjoy great local beer at your leisure.

people, good people

You know great service by how it makes you feel. Our staff is our heartbeat and they make sure that every visit here is great. From good stories, to a good ear, we’ve got you covered, pint after pint, visit after visit.

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