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Great local beer with year-round favorites and something new all the time.

Spring Beers

Spring marks renewed growth and we’ve got the best seasonal beer around. From Maibock, to Hoppy Lager, to Pale ales, we’ve got your needs covered.

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Catch up with friends, catch the game, and enjoy a great, local craft beer in our dog friendly, family-friendly Beer Hall. If you just need to be outside, lounge on our giant patio. Pints at a pleasing place.

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Robbie Wraps
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When it’s the start I’d Spring and you switch to drinking Hard Seltzer’s. 

#Leaf #hardseltzer #willowrock
Remember, when you’re at our Saint Patrick’s Party tonight from 3-7pm with Big Awesome BBQ…not everyone wants to have a can of Galway Nitro poured on them. 

It’s Thursday and there’s a brand new Willow Rock podcast episode out right now! This week we’re talking all about the awesome events happening at the brewery this weekend and talking SU basketball! 🍺🏀 Search for the Willow Rock podcast on Spotify!
We will be closed tonight due to the weather. Travel safe everyone see everyone for Trivia tomorrow! 🍻
The guys are still just so happy with the newest can release. Come out today and have a Galway or Galway Nitro with us. And our Saint Patrick’s Party is happening next Friday night with Big Awesome BBQ…stay tuned for more details.
What’s a Friday without a new podcast from Willow Rock? Check out this weeks brand new episode with our guest, Timothy Shore from @buriedacornbrewing (link in bio)
While Kevin and Rockney are fighting over who gets to bartend today, we wanted to remind you that we’re opening at Noon for the SU game! Come support Syracuse and have a beer with these guys at Willow Rock.
Opening Early for the SU / Wake Forest Basketball game on 3/8 at noon!  Join us for a Half in the Bagged lunch tip off with pints and the game!
Did you get your hands on Junk Baller at the release party yesterday? Come out today and grab some cans or have a pint with us. 
To say Rockney and Kevin are excited for today is an understatement. 
We are releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 beers! AND our first ever Galway Nitro Can!! Come out today for the release of Galway, Galway Nitro, and Junk Baller. 

We are open from 12-10pm today.
What better way to spend your Friday morning than with a brand new episode of the Willow Rock Podcast! Check it out on Spotify (link in bio)
This Saturday…the release of Galway and NITRO GALWAY!! Willow Rock Galway is an Irish Style Red Cream Ale and both are being released this Saturday along with Junk Baller, our New England India Pale Lager.
Join us this Saturday for a TRIPLE BEER RELEASE! 
We’ll be releasing Galway Irish Red Cream Ale, Junk Baller NEIPL, and Galway Irish Red Cream Ale Nitro cans this Saturday at Willow Rock. 
Come out for our first triple beer release of 2023.
How about Eirinn Go Brunch Sunday? 
Swing out to Willow Rock and enjoy a beer with us today.
It’s happening today! Come out to the brewery and celebrate the release of Eirinn Go Brunch! Our Irish cream coffee oatmeal breakfast stout…things kick off when we open at 12pm
Oh look! It’s Friday and we have a beer ready just for you.
You can’t tell from the look on Kevin’s face…but he’s really excited about ExBEERimental 20 that’s releasing TODAY! Get down here to Willow Rock and grab a fresh can of this fresh beer.
Hey Kevin, can you climb up there and grab that keg for me?
Getting ready for the weekend and for Sunday? 
Come to Willow Rock this Saturday and Sunday and take 10% off all 12-packs to-go!
Now that football is almost over, we decided to launch the brand new Willow Rock Podcast! You can still get your weekly dose of Rockney and Kevin, this time in audio form. Check out our first episode “The Desert Island Episode” on Spotify (link in bio)
It feels like a day for Jim, a Brown Ale. 
Come on out and have one with us here at Willow Rock.
The power has been restored and Rockney has resumed his quest for pinball high score dominance. 
Come out and get warm with a beer in the taproom or grab some cans to enjoy at home.
The power is back! Friday Funday starts an hour later than normal but we're back up and slinging pints! 🍻❄️
Come have a hockey themed beer and see Kevin tonight at the bar. He’ll be bartending all evening.
What are you doing on this beautiful Saturday? Come play some beer games with us at Willow Rock.
It’s the day after the Bills loss….at least you have a cold beer from Willow Rock.
Kevin’s wondering why Rodney spent so much of the Sports Desk budget on folding tables….come hang at Willow Rock for all the games today. We’ll make sure Rodney doesn’t hit you with a keg.
It’s officially Breakout season.
As we enter Playoff Football here in America, remember to be fully stocked on beer and get all your cases and kegs at Willow Rock!
Kevin and Rockney were guests on a podcast this week with Eat Local New York. Give it a listen or watch to hear about the early days of getting Willow Rock open. 
You can find it on their website at
Grab your friends (the cans of beer) and get ready for the weekend football games!
It’s Friday and all you can think about is getting out of work, heading down to Willow Rock, and drinking a fresh beer while you play pinball.
The draft lines at Willow Rock are certified clean thanks to our friends at @craftdraft315