The Brewers

Brewers Rockney and Kevin

Photography by Ammerican Photography

About the Brewers

We are the lucky ones. It started as a dream; a few leftover drops at the bottom of the glass. It was only ever meant to be funny, the joke gift on Christmas morning; a beer kit. Not guaranteed to flip your life upside down and change all the plans you ever had, but it did.

It was all Kevin’s fault. It was his gift, his glorious bestowment of 50 homemade beers. But the gag was turned over and made whole, a joke into a hobby. A hobby into an obsession and oh, how we so quickly share our obsessions.

Then came Rockney and the fault thereafter fell to him. The dying drops in the bottom of the glass became pint after pint of hope, alchemy and thought until one day over raised glasses he said fateful words, taking ownership of what was to become: “This is what we’re going to do with our lives.”

Best friends, crafted in childhood, tempered through college and artfully honed through the years since were laid in penance to the beer before them, a tribute to the pints gone by, an offering to the beer they would make. Kevin and Rockney took their dream and made purchase, step after step bringing more of the long ago dream into reality, piece by piece the reverie became reality.

From the two men the desire and ability was grown and honored, paying virtue to the thousands before, paving roads for the infinite after. But then came a third. From the ground came a man to grow, to pull the secrets of the Earth through the sticky vines, a hushed whisper hidden in each papery cone. His name was John and his growing was good.

Rockney and Kevin now rightfully trained, expertly acquitted and voraciously eager embark into their vision, glass in one hand, hops in the other working to pour upon the world the most vivid and luscious bounty that could be found.