Robbie Wraps a can Episode 4

This week Carissa and Joel from Branching Out Bottle shop join us with some wrapped cans of their own! We taste some dark lagers from Greenpoint Ales & Lagers and Fifth Hammer Brewing Co. While being completely off the mark thinking they are somewhere between stout and brown ale.

A Huge Thank You, to You!

2020 was a very difficult year, but you can’t ever stray from your beliefs. At Willow Rock we’re committed to being meaningful members of our community and support people and causes we believe in.We’ve financially supported museums, runners, sports teams, community advocates, charities, disease research, and more in 2020.Through our partnerships with various groups and […]

Robbie Wraps a Can Episode 2

Errr a bottle? Robbie shows off his bottle wrapping skills in this episode and Kevin and Rockney get funky and talk about barrels!  

Robbie Wraps a Can, Ep1

We’ve started a fun little web series where Kevin and Rockney drink commercially available beers and talk about them on camera. In this episode Kevin nails his wardrobe and Rockney remembers bad times with Schnapps.